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Flights to Las Vegas: Tours You Might Enjoy

With flights to Las Vegas being so reasonably priced, many people are visiting this popular gaming and entertainment destination. A staggering 36.7 million people take flights to Las Vegas every year. Many of these people are not necessarily serious gamblers - lots of them stick to the 25ยข slot machines. And although many try their hand at gambling, they mostly want to experience the sights and sounds of this most unique city and region. A great way to do this it to take day trips out of the city to experience one or more of the many interesting tours available in the region after flights to Las Vegas bring them to the area. Once they've taken their flights to Las Vegas, most tourists look for interesting things to do.

The most popular tour in the Las Vegas region is the Grand Canyon. While flights to Las Vegas may pass over Grand Canyon, there's nothing like seeing it "up close and personal." Most tours start and end at your hotel with free pick-up and drop-off. If you're taking an aerial tour, either by plane or helicopter, you might be treated to views of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake in the United States and Hoover Dam is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Unlike commercial airline flights to Las Vegas, aerial tours of the canyon and surrounding areas fly low and circle, giving passengers an excellent view. Another popular way to tour the area is by air-conditioned motor coach, which stop at places of interest along the way for many photo opportunities.

A separate tour of Lake Mead is also available. Created when Hoover Dam was built, the lake covers about 1.5 million acres and has over 800 miles of shoreline. Estimated to be about 6 million years old, the lava hills hearken back to a time when humans were just beginning to walk upright. Near Lake Mead, three major desert ecosystems converge: the Sonoran Desert, the Great Basin and the Mojave. This convergence has created a new ecosystem containing plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Conditions in the region are perfect for the preservation of archeological evidence. Scientists estimate that humans have lived in the region for about 11,000 years, since the end of the last ice age. Lake Mead is an attraction not to be missed when planning flights to Las Vegas.

A Hoover Dam tour is another great way people spend a day of their vacation after flights to Las Vegas. One tour combines a Colorado River experience with a visit to the dam. Imagine boarding a raft in Black Canyon and traveling down the Colorado while the dam towers above you. Great photo opportunities abound on this leg of the tour. After about a half-hour on the river, the next stop is dam itself. Don't miss the live presentation that explains how the dam was constructed and be sure to take a look at the photo displays. A word of caution: if you visit in the summer, remember that temperatures in the area can reach over 100 degrees. Dress accordingly, don't forget your sunglasses and hat and drink plenty of water.

Many people want to experience a variety of attractions after their flights to Las Vegas. For the adventurous, there's a Colorado River raft trip that begins at the base of Hoover Dam and floats 11 miles down the river at a leisurely pace. With a stop along the way for a boxed lunch on the river bank, this tour features desert scenery and wildlife like birds of prey soaring overhead and bighorn sheep climbing steep canyon walls. Waterfalls and hot springs can also be seen along the way.

Flights to Las Vegas open up a whole world of experience to visitors. For tourists getting off the plane after flights to Las Vegas, the region is rich in history and heritage far beyond the glitz and glitter of the Strip and its attractions. Why not spend some of the money saved by taking inexpensive flights to Las Vegas by exploring the region's natural wonders?

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